Opihi Photography

I have been blessed to work with an amazingly talented and wonderful photographer in Hawaii who needed an updated logo. Check her out here if you ever need some stunning pictures taken! 



My husband's motorcycle / car restoration business. This company is still in the branding process but I wanted to show my process of sketching ideas and turning them into a logo design.

If I were to design a logo for his business, I would go with the first design with a vintage feel. Yet, low and behold the client wants what the client wants. So, the next one is a more modern design. What do you think?


Dab Daddy Logo Concepts

Logo concepts for a hip / luxury cannabis store


Coffee shop located in Mentone, Indiana

Bootstrap Beard Co

A close friend of mine started up a great business selling natural beard products

Farmer's Daughter Pie

You only think you have had the best pie until you try this farmer's daughter's pie! 

Internal Nike Identities

Here are some identities and concepts I designed for internal use at Nike


Wedding Collateral / Party gifts

Peachey Treasures

A friend's Etsy shop logo design

Engin Creative Vintage 

I put a vintage spin on the creative studio's logo