i am a designer who loves to push the limits of my creativity.

First, I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, then I wanted to be an industrial designer and design cars. I finally realized I wanted to widen my creativity path and become a graphic designer.

I have found that part of my calling in life is design, the other, well, just to be adventurous in life and to learn new and exciting things. From designing a logo for a new company to learning how to weld to be able to design and make my own coffee table; I enjoy pushing my creativity to the limits. During my free time, besides learning new design software such as After Effects and iBooks, I enjoy putting my creativity to use in other mediums including designing my own jewelry, welding projects around the house, working alongside my newlywed husband on my motorcycle and going on adventures with my small family to capture a gorgeous photograph. Check out some of my creative projects I have posted here


What I have to offer

I am extremely fluent in the Adobe Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Other programs include Adobe Muse, Sketch, Premier Pro, After Effects, SketchUp, Microsoft Office and iOS Office. I have also dabbled in Rhino, Corel Draw, AutoCad, Adobe Dreamweaver and Squarespace.


There truly is not enough hours in one day.


Check me out on Instagram to see some of my creativity outside of my design world. If you are still wanting more of my design creativity, check out my Etsy site where I have some of my work for sale!

If you need design help, check out my resume here and get in contact with me, I would love to talk design work!